OUR FOUNDING PURPOSE is to create a virtual atmosphere for education, confidence-building and networking among highly accomplished women physicians in an effort to grow and sustain wealth.  

In the United States, less than 4% of physicians are black and about half are women.  Dawa is born from the intersection of this special demographic. We recognizes the importance of growing net worth for the goal of passing it down for generations to come.  Our driving philosophy is that education creates wealth;  therefore, our primary purpose is to educate members and provide opportunities to evaluate, consider and invest in successful business ventures as well as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and real estate.  


  • Exclusive access to the Dawa Investor Curriculum, created with our membership demographic in mind. 
  • Access to the Dawa Marketplace, a virtual market where members can promote their practices and business ventures and sweeten the terms of engagement for other members. 

  • Meticulously curated articles from highly regarded publications on popular investing topics in the Dawa Investor Library

“Despite all the progress women have made in the workforce and otherwise, they still have an unwarranted confidence gap about their ability to engage in financial planning. Frankly... it’s just not that hard.”
— Kathy Murphy, President of Fidelity Personal Investing

  • Lessons on the basics and advanced topics in investing, like Stock Valuation Ratio Calculation, Stock Critique, Company Diligence Interpretation, Franchising, Real Estate Investing.