WE maximize investor potential through education and collaboration.

OUR FOUNDING PURPOSE is to create a virtual atmosphere for educating and networking highly accomplished women physicians in an effort to grow wealth.  

In the United States, less than four percent of practicing physicians are African American. As of 2010, only 18,533 (less than 2 percent) were both black and female.  The DAWA Investment Network, Inc. is born from this dynamic demographic and recognizes the importance of growing wealth for the of our families and communities generations and years to come.  Our driving philosophy is "Knowledge creates wealth-building and eradicates poverty."  Therefore, our primary purpose is to educate members and provide opportunities to evaluate, consider and invest in successful business ventures across the globe.


Dawa Angels

Learn more about the Network's most senior investors, the Dawa Angels. Our Angels provides financial backing and industry expertise to small startups or entrepreneurs during their most vulnerable stages. 

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Dawa Investment Club

Ready to take the next step? Members of our Network who join the Dawa Investment Club engage in practical, experiential learning with their physician peers while growing their capital contributions in the process. 

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